Alexa, Siri, what’s the next Conversational AI?

Alexa, Siri, what’s the next Conversational AI?










  • Conversational AI

What is conversational AI?

Conversational AI is a type of artificial intelligence that enables people to communicate with computer applications in human language.

Conversational AI can answer a question or take action after understanding a person’s spoken request. Conversational AI can also ask questions if it does not understand the speaker’s intent. It’s also possible to enhance the experience with small talk or jokes.


  • Typical conversational Artificial Intelligence

One common form of conversational AI is the smart speaker. Smart speakers have been a huge commercial success, with voice assistants developed by several famous consumer electronics companies.

Conversational AI services are accessed by using a dedicated speaker or a smartphone. AI in the form of a speaker is specialized in recognizing voice commands.

Speaker-type conversational AI can support simple back and forth, but it rarely uses more in-depth conversational functions.



Assistant name Year of release
Amazon Alexa


Apple Siri



Google Assistant


Samsung Bixby



  • AI Humans and Conversational AI

An AI Human is a more advanced form of conversational AI. It is possible to have a natural conversation with humanized interactions rather than an intelligent speaker form that is audio only.

AI humans can converse with facial expressions and conversational turn-taking cues, just like real humans. Through AI technology, video and voice can be synthesized in real-time and speak like a live human.

  • Benefits of AI Humans

AI Humans are engaging.

Unlike smart speakers, the AI human can communicate naturally with a human facial expression. Customers feel familiar with the AI Human because the live-action AI human that went through the deep learning process is so realistic.

AI Humans can assist with real human roles.

AI humans can assist with the role that people have struggled with. AI Humans can handle customers 24 hours a day without time-time constraints. It can also be located anywhere and can communicate with customers regardless of location.


  • Conversational AI by industries.

Conversational AI is offering benefits to many industries.

Education. AI teachers can conduct classes and answer questions with students. AI teachers can monitor progress according to the planned training schedule.

Broadcast. AI announcers deliver news with just a script. Announcers no longer must wait for emergency news that may come in at any time. Simplified news production saves stations time and money.

Store. AI Clerks are capable of real-time conversation just like real clerks. AI Clerks can accurately provide customer information, such as product location and price.

Banking. AI Bankers can support complicated financial services. Banking has become digital and everything can be done on mobile. But it can be difficult for people that are less comfortable with technology, and AI bankers can kindly explain and solve these problems.

Health Care. AI Doctors are capable of patient interactions with no wait time.

Restaurant. AI Waiters could take orders and provide ingredient information.

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