China CCTV “AI Wang Guan” and Beijing TV “Time Xiaoni” produced by DeepBrain AI won the 1st prize of China MediaAIAC!

At the 2nd Radio Television and Network Audio-Visual Artificial Intelligence Application Innovation Contest (MediaAIAC) held by the State Administration of Radio and Television of China, AI Wangguan jointly launched by DeepBrain AI, Qingbo Intelligent and CCTV, and the “Time Xiaoni” jointly launched by DeepBrain AI, Beijing Radio and Television Station and Beijing Totem Technology Co., Ltd. won the first prize of AI avatar technology application.

“AI Wangguan” is an AI avatar based on financial commentator Wang Guan of CCTV Audio-Visual New Media Center. In this year’s coverage of the National Two Sessions, CCTV launched the AI Wangguan Supervising the Two Sessions, hosted by AI Wang Guan, to report on the hot topics of the two sessions.

“Time Xiaoni”, as China’s first broadcast-level intelligent interactive real-life AI avatar, is based on Beijing TV announcer Chun Ni. Time Xiaoni is the first AI avatar in China to participate in the construction of a smart city in the capital, and the first broadcasting AI avatar in China to focus on “smart services”.

Source Sohu


The AI news anchor is a breakthrough achievement of the deep integration of artificial intelligence and news editing. DeepBrain AI is a conversational AI solution provider that integrates image synthesis based on deep learning, speech recognition and synthesis technology, and natural language processing technology. The company has produced AI Yoon Suk-yeol (current president of South Korea), AI Son Heung-Min (famous Korean football player), AI Kim Joo-ha (famous Korean news anchor) and so on, which can conduct real-time two-way communication. By providing services such as AI avatar, AI KIOSK, AI STUDIOS, and conversational AI for banks, insurance companies, securities companies, educational institutions, TV stations, e-commerce companies, and government agencies, it helps upgrade services in various industries.

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