How to: Create Meditation Video

It has been quite some time since COVID 19 has changed our world. Many activities that used to be done outside the house have become more often done in the home—using technology to help care for yourself while at home has created a trend of digital self-care. Digital self-care means taking care of yourself with help from digital technology. Self-care is trying to protect yourself from mental, emotional, and physical stress. Digital self-care can use various electronic devices such as mobile devices, computers, wearable devices, software, and AI to assist with self-care.

Now, how about personalizing mental and physical health with AI avatar?

Today, let’s make a special video as a kind of digital self-care. For busy people like you, we will take a meditation break to pause our thoughts and calm our minds. Meditation has several advantages. Meditation for long periods has been shown to reduce fatigue, clear your mind, and help you better overcome anxiety and stress. It is also shown that meditation can improve high blood pressure to some extent. How about starting your day with your meditation video to enhance your mood and increase concentration?

With this video, you will consciously put aside the thoughts that constantly come to you and feel entirely focused on yourself. This is what we can call mindfulness.


Please prepare a peaceful image you want to see. Any landscape photos on your phone that you normally take and save are good. You can also use photos that capture happy moments with friends and family. I’m going to use two pictures of a field at sunset because I want to put my mind at ease.


Now it’s time to create a video using the AI avatar in the AI studio video and speech synthesis platform. I chose a man with a low voice. And I chose a male voice with a soft British style. Instead of the default white suit, I changed it to a red knit that gives a slightly warmer feel. I feel a little more relaxed when I meditate. And I moved the model to the bottom right to focus on the background.


Now I’m going to add the two backgrounds I prepared earlier. There is a file upload function, so you can put one on each slide. Adding a background gives it a more cozy feel.


There are 7 types of voice speed, so it’s convenient to be able to set the speed you want. Since I have to feel it according to the voice, I’ll use the 0.75x speed, which is a little slower than the default voice speed. You can make a type that suits you delicately.


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